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Teeth cleaning in Noida

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Welcome to Urban Smiles, your trusted destination for professional teeth cleaning services in Noida. We understand the importance of oral hygiene and offer affordable teeth cleaning cost to keep your smile healthy and bright.

Why Choose Our Teeth Cleaning Services in Noida?

Experienced Dental Team

experienced team for teeth cleaning procedure

Our team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists are experts in teeth cleaning, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Latest Technology and Equipment are used at Urban Smiles, your nearest Dental Clinic

We use cutting-edge dental technology and sterilization protocols to provide the highest standards of care.

Personalized Treatment:

personalized treatments are offered at your nearest dental clinic

We tailor our teeth cleaning treatments to your specific needs, addressing any concerns you may have.

What are the BENEFITS ?

Improved Oral Health

Removal of plaque and tartar buildup, which are hard to reach or remove


Fresh Breath

Professional teeth cleaning eliminate bad breath bacteria that results in fresh breath


Brighter Appearence

 Most noticeable benefits of professional teeth cleaning is a brighter and whiter smile


Peace of Mind

Professional teeth cleanings help ensure that you’re doing everything possible to maintain your oral health

Professional teeth cleanings help ensure that you’re doing everything possible to maintain your oral health

teeth cleaning Prevents Tooth Decay

Removing plaque and tartar buildup by Teeth cleaning helps prevent cavities

teeth cleaning provides better gum health

It helps prevent gum disease by reducing inflammation and infection risks


Teeth cleaning price

Teeth cleaning @ 1500.00

before teeth cleaning procedure

Teeth cleaning + Polishing @ 2000.00

before and after teeth cleaning

Tobacco stains cleaning @ 3000.00

teeth cleaning can remove tobacco stains

Our Teeth Cleaning PROCESS

Dental Examination

Plaque and Tartar Removal


*** Teeth cleaning is a PAINLESS procedure ***

*** Teeth cleaning session LASTS 30 – 45 MINUTES ***

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Patient Reviews

Shubham Tripathi

Great Work by Dr Ankit Upadhyay Thanku for the Good work which result in great look. The doctors consultation throughout the treatment was very good.

Siddharth Sharma

Best dentist I have ever visited, advanced technology equipments used and very polite behaviour.

Payal Dubey

The service was very good. Dr.Ankit was very supportive and also helped me to understand what exactly is going on.

Meenakshi Kushwaha

Best dental clinic I had ever seen . The clinic atmosphere is so good and i liked it. And my experience was very good over there I am very satisfied with the treatment I got I would recommend this to everyone the staff and sir is very well mannered and professional.


Dr Ankit was very accommodating & professional. The clinic itself was very well maintained, clean & hygienic.... He made valuable recommendations and was very meticulous in his work. Definitely recommended.


Visited for Teeth Whitening, Dental Surgery Happy with Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Explanation of the health issue.

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